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Hey, It’s Nithin & Karthik from LaunchPedia.

We’ve ranked top 3 on product hunt multiple times & helped 10+ startups plan their product hunt launch. Book a call today to get personalized launch plan and strategy & nail your launch.

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At first, I was skeptical about Product Hunt.The consultation had an enormous impact on my product launch strategy. It provided me with valuable insights and guidance that I was able to apply and achieve better results.I would definitely recommend the consultation to other makers who are planning to launch on Product Hunt. The knowledge we received was incredibly valuable and has helped us to improve our launch strategy significantly.
Co Founder of WebThat

More than a call

What will you get

Personalized Product Hunt Launch Strategy

A 45 minutes private video call with us where we share a personalized product hunt launch strategy based on your product and your niche.

Post Ideas to Promote for Your Launch

Promote your product hunt launch on maker communities, product hunt, indiehackers and social media with our list of proven post ideas.

DFY Launch Checklist and Calendar

Keep track of the tasks you need to do in each stage of your product hunt launch with the Done for you launch checklist prepared for you and your team.

I scheduled a call with LaunchPedia, since our previous Product Hunt Launch didn't perform as expected. They shared a lot of things we didn't know during the call like how to choose a hunter, how to generate pre-buzz, how to choose a day of launch, what to post & when.Their launch strategy was very helpful in creating a todo list for us the next time we are launching.
Co Founder of Linkly

Short and Simple

You're Just 3 Steps Away from a Kickass Product Hunt Launch 🔥


Schedule a consultation

Book a call with us and fill out the questions about your product. It takes < 2 mins.


Get Your Product Hunt strategy

We’ll connect with you and share a personalized product hunt strategy for you.


Nail Your Product Hunt Launch

Just follow the steps we shared and take your PH launch to the moon 🚀

I was under-confident about my strategy for PH Launch when I booked the call but the call exceeded my expectations. I really didn't think Karthik would come up with something so personalized. He literally had a plan on how to create buzz about my product and which platform will like it the most.I would definitely recommend the consultation to other makers!
Co Founder of Tree-Ved
$ 99 Per Consultation
  • 45-mins private call with us
  • Personalized product hunt strategy
  • Places to promote your PH launch
  • Post ideas for your PH launch
  • Tasks you need to do on launch day
  • Bonus: Done for you checklist to plan your PH launch

About us

Meet Your Product Hunt Launch Wizards

  • Launched 5+ products that’ve ranked top #3 on Product Hunt
  • Interviewed 20+ makers who ranked top #3 on Product Hunt
  • Speaker of 0 to Product Hunt Launch event conducted by Maya


Get Your Doubts Cleared

When you’re starting to plan your product hunt launch and have atleast 1 week time left for the launch . We will prepare a personalized product hunt launch strategy for your product in this consultation. By implementing the strategy we share with you, you will get the maximum support and upvotes for your launch when you go live on product hunt.

The launch strategy we share with you on our consultation is based on our experience launching our products in top 3 of product hunt multiple times. So following our strategy without fail will give you a successful product hunt launch. However our consultation doesn’t guarantee any ranking because it depends on a lot of factors which varies each day and is out of our control.

Being active on social media definitely helps, but it is not a must. We can help you plan a successful product hunt launch even if you are not active on social media and don’t have a big following by leveraging communities.