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Liat Mordechay

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Most Asked Questions about Hunting

🤔 Who is Hunter? And How is he/she different from Maker?

Hunter is the person who launches a product on Product Hunt. Whereas a maker is the one who builds the product.

A product can have multiple makers, but it can only have one hunter.

A maker can either hunt their product on their own or they can ask a reputed member in their niche to hunt their product.

🤷‍♂️ Do you need a hunter for Product Hunt?

Everyone who is launching on product hunt is always confused by the question “Should we find a hunter or we will hunt by ourselves?”

Well, the choice is totally up to you.

But having a hunter for your launch will be helpful in three ways.

1. More authority to your product

As hunters are popular in your niche, they add authority to your product. It will help you to build trust in your visitors.

2. More traffic to your product

Since all reputed hunters have a good following on social media,

When they hunt your product & share it on their social media, you can get a huge boost in traffic for your launch on the launch day.

Apart from that, most of the hunters also have 1000’s of followers on Product Hunt. They will receive a notification when your launch goes live.

3. More help to your launch

Hunters are experienced in PH launches and they know ins & outs of a successful Product Hunt launch. Their guidance will help you in planning your launch and also in creating launch content.

🤨 Are hunters still relevant?

Yes, and they will continue to be relevant.

Many feel that ever since PH stopped sending mails to Hunter’s followers about the launch, the hunters are not relevant anymore.

But, that’s not the case.

As said already, Hunter’s followers will get notifications on the Product Hunt app & website when they launch your product. In addition to that, Hunter will help you in planning your launch and also he will add authority to your product.

✅ How to find the right hunter for your launch?

Once you made a list of hunters, now, it’s time to pick hunters for your launch.

Consider these things
– Is the hunter popular in your niche?
– Has the hunter hunted similar products previously?
– Does the hunter have a good number of followers?
– Is the hunter willing to share your launch on social media?
– Is the hunter easily reachable, so that you can get help with your launch?

😎 How to become a hunter on Product Hunt

There are no set rules or conditions to become a hunter on Product Hunt. You can start hunting products from day 1.

However, makers will prefer hunters
– Who has more followers and
– Popular in the niche

So, it’s better to grow your followers before you are ready to hunt your products.

Once you’re ready to be a hunter, put yourself on the radar by
– Changing your bio to be a hunter
– Announce that you’re open to hunting on social media and
– List yourself on PH Hunters by filling out this form

☎️ How do I approach the hunter?

Once you finalise your hunter, you can reach out to him/her through social media (you can get the contact links from PH Hunters website)

or you can send a mail to them (Click here to get free email template to reach out to hunter)

🤑 How much a hunter charge to hunt my product?

Most of the hunters hunt products for the love of the community.

So Hunting a product is absolutely free and you should not pay to anyone to hunt your product. It’s against Product Hunt guidelines.

Snippet from Product Hunt Guidelines

PH Hunters Form

If you wish to be on the list or if you want remove your name from the list, please fill out this form

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