Are you launching on Product Hunt soon and fear that you will not get support for your launch since you don’t have followers on social media.?

Don’t worry!! You can still have a successful Product Hunt launch.I recently interviewed Nitish whose product ranked #2 of the day on Product Hunt even though he had very less following and never active on twitter.

These are the 3 launch strategies he shared to rank in top3 on Product Hunt:

  1. Get a Hunter:
    Hunter brings authority to your launch and also drives traffic to your launch from his/her social media account. So, Find a hunter who is relevant in your niche and who is willing to share your launch with their audience
  2. Communities:
    Promote your launch in the relevant communities. members in the communities will always be ready to support you.
  3. Linkedin:
    Try posting on LinkedIn. As you would have some followers already there like school friends, college mates, and ex-colleagues, the reach would be better. And since everyone personally knows you, they will be excited to support you.

These 3 things will ensure you that you won’t fall behind other launches.

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PS: I have interviewed 15+ makers who cracked top 3 on Product Hunt and listed all their strategies in this guide 👆🏼