How ChatWebby AI got 2000 visitors from their Product Hunt launch

This week, we interviewed Zain, founder of ChatWebby AI on their launch strategies that helped them get 600+ upvotes and #2 Product of the day badge.

A quick intro about ChatWebby AI

ChatWebby is an AI and human chatbot builder that allows you to upload your content of your Website, docs, Audios, Videos, Text, or FAQs, & create a chatbot that can answer your customer’s questions & generate leads by connecting to your site.

Zain launched ChatWebby AI on Oct 4 2023 on Product Hunt and here is how their launch performed:

  1. Upvotes: 652
  2. Comments: 135
  3. Rank of the Day: 2
  4. Rank of the Week: 17

Maker Interview

Hey Zain, Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey at Chatwebby?

My journey started back in 2015 after my bachelors in computer science. After working in a few jobs & learning the market, I left my last job in 2018 to start E-khata, which was my primary product. In 2023, my curiosity for AI got me started working in this space which led me to build my first AI product ChatDox and then ChatWebby.

What were your goals for the Product Hunt launch?

My goal was to acquire new users. Because everything is based on eyeballs and userbase in SaaS life. And I love to chat with my users, get feedback and improve on a daily basis.

At what phase did you decide to launch on Product Hunt? Was it during beta, or did you have the complete product ready before you decided to launch?

I believe in shipping fast. As soon as the main use case worked, I scheduled a launch on PH.

You launched on Product Hunt on a Wednesday. Can you share how you chose your launch day?

Product Hunt Traffic on weekdays is much higher than on weekends, which we noticed with our previous launch of ChatDox which got many paid users for us. That’s why we decided to launch ChatWebby on a Wednesday.

Any reason you decided to hunt Chatwebby on your own & not get a hunter?

Hunters are a good source to spread the news about your launch. But they only play 5% of the role. Product Hunt Launch is all about creating your own voice and reaching out to like-minded product-hunt users who can support you.

How did you pick the people to reach out for support for your launch? Can you share your reach-out strategy and your reach-out message content?

This was our reach-out process:

  1. We looked for active users who commented on other products
  2. We went to their profiles and
  3. we reached out to them on Linkedin and Twitter

In addition to this, we engaged in WhatsApp groups and discussions.

How long did it take you to plan for the launch? Can you share all the tasks you did to prepare for your launch?

We started planning for the launch 10 days before, in this order:

  1. We scheduled the launch on Product Hunt
  2. Then, I and my team reached out to as many people as we can
  3. Then, we posted about our launch on social media

What are the things you did in the first 4 hours of the launch day?

These were the things we did to get support on launch day:

  1. We sent a newsletter to our existing users asking feedback and
  2. We started reaching out to people on LinkedIn and twitter

What are the groups and communities where you shared your launch on launch day?

  1. Product Hunt Family group on Whatsapp
  2. PH Community chat on Whatsapp and
  3. Facebook groups

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Could you share some numbers from the Product Hunt launch?

Visits: 2000
Signups: 220
Revenue: $350

What are 3 advice you will give to a maker who is launching on Product Hunt?

  1. Reach out as much as you can.
  2. Be more active on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  3. Engage in discussions on Product Hunt.



You can connect with Zain on Twitter here
You can checkout ChatWebby AI here

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