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Falak Info products have ranked in the top 3 of product hunt multiple times – here’s how

For The Big Bang Launch Newsletter Issue #5, We interviewed Falak, on his Product Hunt Launches

$6,000+ Revenue

12.6k Visitors

Golden Kitty Winner

Falak Product Hunt Interview

⚡ A quick intro about Falak

From dropping out of medical school, to building multiple online businesses, Falak is an amazing digital marketer & no-code creator who has launched 5+ products on Product Hunt.

His products:

  1. PH Launch Checklist

  2. Fazier Sideprojects

  3. Dead Acquire

  4. Ad-booking system

  5. SaaS starter kits.

Let’s unlock all his launch strategies and secrets

🎤 Maker Interview

Hi Falak, Before going into the Product Hunt discussions, could you please tell how you got into product building and the online creator economy?

My journey is very interesting. I’m a med school dropout. While doing my MBBS, I started dropshipping and learnt digital marketing. After that, I started building projects and now working on a micro-SaaS.

The Big Bang Success 🔥

Product Hunt launch checklist was a huge success, how did you build this product and market your launch?

I was writing Marketer Crew newsletter earlier, in which I was sharing stuff about Product Hunt launches and my subscribers really enjoyed it. So, I compiled a checklist for Product Hunt launch preparation by going through previous newsletter issues. That’s how the Product Hunt checklist was born.

The Big Bang Shipping Setback ↘️

One of Your Recent Product launch did not rank on top 3, what are the reasons behind that?

Yeah! I prepared for that launch within 1 hour. Plus, I didn’t ask for support from my email list or any of my friends – as I had a more significant product launch planned for the next week.That’s the reason I haven’t ranked on Top 3.

I also feel that, Product Hunt is becoming more competitive now. So if you’re a solopreneur or Indie maker, you have to put in more effort to compete with enterprises and established startups.

We noticed that you’ve launched “SaaS starter kits” as the second version of the “PH launch checklist” while both products are different from each other. Is there any strategy behind this?

SaaS Starter Kits was a free product and it had an audience that was very similar to PH Launch Checklist. So, I decided to not spend too much time on setting up a website & launching it separately. That’s why I launched it as the second version of PH launch checklist on Product Hunt.

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Do you get any extra push from the product hunt algorithm when you launch the second version of a product?

No, the algorithm doesn’t give any particular favour if it’s a second launch. On Product Hunt, you always start from zero upvotes.

Recently Product Hunt introduced a new feature to follow any company page. So nowadays when you upvote any product, you follow it too. So, if you launch 2nd version of the same product, followers are notified on Product Hunt and they also receive a new launch announcement email too. This will help you get more upvotes in the initial hours (which is crucial).

The Big Bang Trends 🔥

Nowadays Product Hunt doesn’t feature newsletters much. How did you manage to get your newsletter featured as No. 3 product of the day. Any secret strategies?

Product Hunt usually flows with tech trends. Nowadays, there is an AI trend. So now we’re seeing a lot of AI products ranking on top of Product Hunt.

However back in the COVID days, there was a newsletter boom. So my newsletter was featured. My main audience was indie makers, and most of them have Product Hunt accounts. Plus I urged my subscribers to create a Product Hunt account 2 weeks of launch. All these efforts added up and helped the newsletter become No. 3 product of the day.

The Big Bang Traffic Sources ⛽

You’ve ranked on the Product Hunt Top 3 multiple times even with a small following on social media platforms. What are your main traffic sources for the launch?

I relied on my email list for “PH launch checklist” and that helped me a lot. But I sold my newsletter after that, And I don’t have an email list to rely on right now.

Nowadays, my main traffic sources are:

  1. Indie Hackers & creator communities

  2. Product Hunt audience

  3. Friends on Twitter & LinkedIn

This is what I do for launch promotions 👇

I share my launch on Whatsapp, Slack, and Discord Communities. I also reach out to my online friends when I launch.

My strategy is always to try & get the maximum upvotes within the first hour of launch (I call it The Golden hour). When you get more upvotes in the initial hours, you will be ranking in the top 3. And being on top of the homepage brings a lot of views and upvotes as many users check top products only.

The Big Bang Plan 🧠

How do you plan for the launch Falak? And what is your action plan on the launch day?

Generally, I plan my launch a week before. I will share about the products and promote the launch on Twitter, Product Hunt and Indie hackers communities.

Basically, go to all places where your audience will be. You can get feedback from them, promote your product, and make new friends.

This is my action plan for the launch day:

  1. Start reaching out to friends 1 hour before. So you get maximum upvotes within 1st hour.

  2. Promote the launch on maximum communities within one hour. Start sharing on Twitter, LinkedIn, Indie Hackers, Slack, Telegram etc.

The Big Bang Tools ⚒️

What are the tools you use for the launch?

  1. Promoshot – Product Showcase (Images)

  2. Nichesss – AI Copywriting

  3. Zlappo – Twitter scheduling and auto DMs

  4. Product Wars – Real-time stats of Product Hunt launch

  5. Canva – GIFs & Thumbnails

  6. Screely – Images & mockups

  7. TweetPics – Twitter and LinkedIn images

  8. Hellobar – Sticky header and popup

  9. Microsoft Clarity – analytics

  10. Maker Widget – add social links and highlight other projects by placing a small sticky widget on your website. This way, you redirect some visitors to your other websites.

The Big Bang Following⭐

You’ve got 2000+ followers on Product Hunt and a golden K rating. Does it help with your launches and also what are the hacks behind these insane numbers?

It’s a byproduct of engaging on PH. I support other users when they launch their products, give them feedback and share their launches with my friends and social media.

Coming to benefits, the golden K rating doesn’t help with the launch. As said, whenever you launch on Product Hunt, you will start from zero.

But having followers will help with your launches as they will receive notifications whenever you launch.

The Big Bang Advice 🗣️

What is the advice you would give to beginners who launch on PH?

  1. Never launch on a weekday (Monday-Friday) if you’re launching for the first time. They’re super competitive.

  2. Building connections is important on Product Hunt. Whenever someone launch on PH, support them, give suggestions and build relationships with them.

The Big Bang Hunter 😎

You’ve hunted a lot of products on Product Hunt for other makers. What are the things you see in a product if you’re hunting? And what are the tasks you do as a hunter?

Most of the time I get requests to hunt from PH launch checklist users.

I have 2 packages when it comes to hunting the products.

  1. If someone wants me to hunt their product, I just do it for free. I will hunt products only if I feel that the product or the founder have some potential.

  2. If they want me to handle marketing for the launch too, then I work closely with them and make sure they get in top 5 products of the day.

Thanks a lot, Falak for sharing your Product Hunt strategies and secrets with us.

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