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A place to change your life with micro SaaS apps
A place to change your life with micro SaaS apps

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We have created a tool for B2B SaaS to integrate audit logs as open source tool

Hi community, today we have launched our tool Audit logs (open source) that you can simply integrate in your product and provide secure changes to your customers.

We also have built SAML SSO, DIRECTORY SYNC, ADMIN PORTAL(COMING UP) – all open source

Feel free to check us out here:

A micro SaaS to help small businesses save their time and energy!

We are AI powered Gmail plugin that help you write professional emails within seconds. Nobody wants to switch tabs and nobody wants to copy and paste.

With Buzz Mail you will be able to generate reply within seconds. Buzz mail gives you contextual reply, and you pay per use! No monthly subscription anymore.

Casual YouTube Series

Just curious, would anyone be interested in a casual YouTube series about building a micro-SaaS? I’m about to launch my Electron app that I’ve built and validated for the past 10 months or so.

I say casual because I don’t intend on getting any marketing or customers from YouTube, and I’m NOT interested in growing some huge YouTube channel. I don’t have time for that. Maybe more like weekly check ins and tips from a developer-founder.

“Hey, here’s a few wins I had this week.” “Here’s this annoying thing I fixed in Electron.” “Here’s something I learned.”

So on and so forth. Just casual stuff from a rando like me doing this journey, I’m not purporting to be some business expert, just a dude building a micro-SaaS. I don’t even have recording equipment, but I thought it might be fun for me to look back on my journey and share with others.

Let me know if you’d be interested.

Youtube channel link: _______

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