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Matt Navarra

Social media consultant. Full-time geek

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About Matt Navarra

Matt Navarra is one of Europe’s most well-known and in-demand social media consultants.

With 20+ years industry experience, Matt has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands. His previous clients include Google, BBC, ITV, ITN, United Nations, International Red Cross, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Mozilla, Monzo, and Pinterest.

In 2018, Matt founded ‘Geekout’ — an ever-expanding community and suite of resources for social media professionals. His popular ‘Geekout’ group on Facebook has 31,000+ members and produces the hit weekly Geekout Newsletter (27,000+ subscribers) for social media managers.

Matt is frequently invited to appear on BBC News, Sky News, NBC Europe, CNN and other news channels as a leading social media industry expert commentator.

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