How RoboResponseAi got 900+ upvotes for their Product Hunt launch

This week, we interviewed Johnsy George, Co-Founder of RoboResponseAI on their launch strategies that helped to get 900+ upvotes and #2 Product of the day badge.

A quick intro about RoboResponseAI

RoboResponseAI is a ChatGPT-like no-code AI Chatbot customized for businesses to interact with website visitors 24X7, with a human touch. It can be plugged into any website within minutes. It learns from your website, business documents, and Q&As, in a jiffy.

Johnsy launched RoboResponseAI on Aug 22 2023 on Product Hunt and here is how their launch performed:

  1. Upvotes: 900
  2. Comments: 236
  3. Rank of the Day: 2
  4. Rank of the Week: 6

Maker Interview

Hi Johnsy, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey at RoboResponseAI?

I am a serial entrepreneur with over two decades of combined experience in AI, technology, and marketing. And My prior venture, Roboresponse, was into email response automation but was ahead of its time as AI back then wasn’t ready for intricate conversations.

So as the advancements in AI started to happen, I did not want to sit on the sidelines. I teamed with my co-founder Nandkumar Mane, who boasts a similar experience in technology. Our individual journeys combined when we recognised the potential of advancements in AI. And we both put our expertise together to build RoboResponseAI.

What were your goals for the Product Hunt launch?

Our primary objective for the Product Hunt launch was to gain visibility and showcase the progress and milestones achieved with RoboResponseAI. Additionally, we also wanted to gather feedback from product hunt as it would help us to refine our product and understand audience’s expectations.

At what phase did you decide to launch on Product Hunt?

Our aim was to present something more substantial than just an MVP. Once we got the initial users and positive word of mouth, we felt that this is the right time to launch on Product Hunt.

You launched on Product Hunt on a Tuesday. Can you share how you chose your launch day?

We knew that Tuesdays are high-traffic days. And Although getting in the top 3 is tough, we wanted to launch on Tuesday as our primary goal for this launch was to get maximum visibility for our product. 

How did you choose the hunter for your Product Hunt launch?

We wanted a hunter who could actively guide us through the journey, support us with our launch and not someone with a larger follower count. I feel that a big following is never a definitive factor for visibility.

This led us to Rohan, who not only met these expectations but also extended his support by sharing our launch with his network to increase our reach.

How did your hunter Rohan, help you plan and execute your Product Hunt launch?

Rohan’s guidance was invaluable in preparing for out Product Hunt launch. He shared the best strategies to launch on Product Hunt and cautioned us against potential pitfalls. And at the time of launch, he leveraged his network and introduced our product to a broader audience which boosted our Product Hunt launch.

When did you create a coming soon page for your launch, and how did you promote the page to get followers for your launch?

We created the coming soon page just the week before launch, a bit later than the recommended time.

However, once our teaser page was live, we promoted the coming soon page proactively. We shared it across various channels and ran dedicated campaigns specifically for that page.

How long did it take you to plan for the launch? Can you share all the tasks you did to prepare for your launch?

Our launch preparation started 2 months back, may be even longer than that.

  1. Identifying supporters: Our first step was to find the audience who resonate with our product and could support during the launch.
  2. Building awareness: After identifying the supporters, we educated them about our launch and how their support will be helpful on the launch day.
  3. Selecting Communication Mediums: We tried several communication channels. However, the pillar of our strategy revolved around genuine connections with like-minded individuals, primarily other founders.
  4. Engagement in Intimate Groups: Instead of going to large groups on Facebook/Linkedin, we focused on smaller, concentrated groups, particularly those on WhatsApp. These groups are a goldmine as they are filled with individuals who are passionate about Product Hunt.
  5. Natural Engagement over Paid Campaigns: Instead of going the paid campaigns route, we wanted to connect with founders and build meaningful relationships. So, we reached out to founders through Linkedin, Emails and other direct methods.

How did you pick the makers to reach out to for support? Can you share your reach-out strategy and your reach-out message content?

We selected individuals who are curious about new products, active users of Product Hunt, & individuals involved in innovative product development.

Finding the makers was a relatively easy task, the real challenge was to reach out to them and counting their support on the launch day

Our reach-out strategy

  1. Finding Channels: We chose the platforms that are most likely to get a response. We reached out through Linkedin, Email, and social media DMs.
  2. Crafting Message: Our message was genuine and personalised. We shared the mutual benefits and interests in our message rather than asking one sided support.

Not all our reach outs were successful, we have our own share of non-responses and declines. However, the support we got was robust, genuine and instrumental in ranking #2 on Product Hunt. 

Our Sample Reach-Out Message:

“Hello [Name],

I hope this finds you well. My name is [Your Name], and I’m part of the RoboresponseAI team. Given your active engagement with innovative products and your contributions on Product Hunt, I wanted to introduce you to our latest venture. It’s shaping up to be something we believe can significantly influence the tech space.

We’d truly value any insights or feedback you might offer and would be honored to have your support as we embark on our Product Hunt launch. Our collective passion for innovation is what drives this community forward, and it would be fantastic to have you as part of our journey.

Warm Regards, [Your Name]”

You offered a coupon code for people signing up for your product within the first 24 hours of the Product Hunt launch. Any reason behind it, and how did it perform?

We provided a coupon code that was only for 24 hours. Our thinking behind this was

  1. Gauge Initial Interest: We wanted to measure the immediate traction and appeal of our product.. So, we gave a time-sensitive coupon code.
  2. Encourage Decisions: We recognised that our potential users required that extra nudge to make a commitment. And we thought that this limited-time deal would be that nudge.

However, after the launch, we realised that our product isn’t something that one might get impulsively. users will take time to make the decision in our case.

What are the groups and communities where you shared your launch on launch day?

We shared our launch in these groups:

  1. Product Hunt Share – Telegram
  2. Invincible Product Hunters – Whatsapp
  3. Product Hunt Upvotes – Facebook
  4. Product Hunt Promotion Club – Linkedin
  5. ProductHunters – Reddit

Can you share your action plan on launch day?

  1. High Priority Group Engagement: We kicked off the day by connecting with our high-priority group—a select list of individuals and communities who we were certain would support our launch. Initial engagement is vital, and having these early votes gives a product the momentum it needs on platforms like Product Hunt.
  2. Extended Network Outreach: Then, we reached out to our extended networks, which include professional acquaintances, peers in the industry, and others who are interested in our product’s success.
  3. Online Community Engagement: Subsequently, we expanded our reach to online communities. varying from niche tech forums to broader entrepreneurial networks.
  4. Organic Traction: As our visibility grew with all these efforts, we observed organic support from individuals outside our immediate network.

Could you share some numbers from the Product Hunt launch?

Certainly! Our Product Hunt launch generated a spike in both website traffic and signups. Here are the numbers:

  1. Website Visitors: 600+
  2. Signups: 100+

What were the biggest challenges you faced while launching on Product Hunt?

Our biggest challenge was our limited resources. While we had clarity on our target demographic and knew the strategies to reach them, our limited team size meant that our outreach process was slower than anticipated.

What are three pieces of advice you would give to creators who’re launching on Product Hunt?

  1. Network Building: Before anything else, work on cultivating a robust network. Focus on connecting with individuals already familiar with Product Hunt. Your immediate circle of Product Hunt users can be your biggest advocates.
  2. Commitment to Hard Work: Dedication is crucial. It’s not just about the effort on the day of the launch; it’s the tireless work leading up to it and the persistent efforts after. Your product deserves that commitment and perseverance.
  3. Adhere to Guidelines: Understand and respect Product Hunt’s guidelines. They’re there for a reason. Any attempt to game the system can hinder your success. Remember, Product Hunt itself is designed to reward genuine effort. Make sure you give it your all and do it within the framework they’ve set.

In conclusion, while launching on Product Hunt had its challenges, the journey was full of learning. By aligning ourselves with the platform’s ethos and committing wholeheartedly to our goals, we were able to navigate the hurdles.

Are there any other platforms apart from Product Hunt that you tried launching and got good reach and traffic?

Apart from Product Hunt, We haven’t launched on any other platform as of now. But, we will be launching on other platforms soon to maximize our reach and visibility.

Thanks a lot, Johnsy for sharing your Product Hunt strategies and secrets with us.

Checkout RoboResponseAI for more details.

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