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The Big Bang Launch Newsletter β†’

A free weekly newsletter with Proven Launch strategies of a successful Product Hunt launch.

Subreddits to Promote Your Product β†’

List of highly active subreddits where you can promote your startup for free

Automation Tools for Product Launch β†’

Automate the boring parts of product launch with these powerful tools

Interviews of #1 Makers on PH β†’

Learn what it takes to become the #1 product of the day on PH

Product Hunt Launch Resources β†’

Have a blockbuster product hunt launch with help of these proven resources.

Directories to List Your Product β†’

Add your startup to these high traffic directories and watch your website traffic increase

Free Graphic Design Resources β†’

Make your product launch pop using these free illustration & stock image resources.

SaaS Product Hunt Launch Strategies β†’

Discover the launch strategy of SaaS that ranked top #3 of Product Hunt

SAAS tools on Lifetime Deal β†’

New tools on lifetime deal that will save you 100’s of dollars

High Impact Places to Launch Your Product β†’

Acquire the first 100 users for your startup by launching it in these places.

Shushant’s Product Hunt Launch strategy β†’

Find out the secret of how Shushant’s info products always go viral on PH.

Social Media tools to supercharge your launch β†’

Get the maximum eyeballs for your launch on social media by using these tools.

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How to crack top 3 on product hunt with zeroΒ social media followers β†’

3 Product Hunt launch strategies that will help you rank on top of Product Hunt irrespective of your social media presence

How Agam added 900 subscribers for his newsletter by ranking #1 on Product Hunt β†’

We interviewed Agam, creator of newlsetter and asked how he ranked on top of Product Hunt and grown his subscribers by 900.

How Aaply got 1,300 users for their Beta from Product Hunt launch β†’

We interviewed Paul, Founder of Aaply and asked on their Product Hunt launch, how they ranked #1 on Product Hunt.

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